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The Results Are In!

Letter From the Editor

Here at Highlights for Children, we believe that listening is one of the greatest services we can do for children. In fact, we believe that—as grownups who work to make the world a better place for children—it is imperative that we do so. So in 2009 we began turning to our readers to ask their thoughts on topics important to their world in our annual State of the Kid™ survey. This year’s survey gives kids a national platform on which to share their feelings on parental distractions, school and extracurricular activities.

We are grateful that they have agreed to give us this glimpse into their lives. We hope you find their views as fascinating as we do.

Christine French Cully

Editor in Chief, Highlights Magazine Download the 2014 Report (PDF)


Highlights editor in chief Christine Cully and parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba discussed our survey results with parents. Hear what they had to say about:

See how kids answered some of our most popular survey questions: