Illustration Guidelines


Inquiries regarding illustrating for the magazine should be made to: Highlights for Children, Patrick Greenish, Jr. , Art Director, 803 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. Telephone inquiries should be made to (570) 251-4526.

General Guidelines

A wide variety of artwork in different styles and mediums is accepted for use in the magazine.

Work is commissioned on an as-needed basis by the art director.

Four-color and black and white illustrations are accepted.

Most assignments involve children, so it is imperative that the illustrator can draw children well.

When submitting work samples, illustrators should show children - in scenes with other children, adults, and animals - rather than portraits of individual children. The art director will check to determine if the work shows action in a story through several scenes and if the characters are consistent in each illustration.

Other subjects also may be submitted with the samples. Highlights regularly publishes scientific articles, folk tales, stories with animals, and activities with small spot drawings of everyday objects.

Unusual styles and mediums are sometimes used for verse pages or with stories. Examples include collage, fabric art, woodcuts, and scratchboard.

Illustrator's Work Samples

Send samples that can be kept on file. Do not send original art.

Tearsheets, color copies, black and white photocopies, CDs, and printed books are all acceptable. You may also refer the Art Director to a website to review your work.

If you wish to have the samples returned, please include SASE.

Please allow six to eight weeks for review of your submissions.

You will be notified by mail if your work is not suitable for Highlights.