Current Needs

Authors may send their work directly to the editors whose current needs are listed below. Manuscripts should be sent to (Editor's Name), Highlights, 803 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431.

Fiction for Beginning Readers (Ages 6 to 8), up to 500 words, Joëlle Dujardin, Senior Editor

  • Humorous stories
  • Folktales
  • Holiday stories
  • Sports stories

Fiction for Independent Readers (Ages 8 to 12), up to 800 words, Joëlle Dujardin, Senior Editor

  • Adventure stories
  • Historical fiction
  • Holiday stories
  • Mystery stories

Crafts, up to 150 words, Annie Beer, Editorial Assistant

We are looking for original crafts that kids can make, specifically in the categories listed below. If your child has made a craft in school, at Scouts, etc., chances are we’ve already published it. Our readers want fresh new crafts and so do we!

  • Crafts for all holidays except Christmas
  • Crafts from world cultures with a brief blurb explaining the craft’s significance (please include a bibliography)
  • Crafts with boy appeal
  • Crafts that result in games
  • Crafts that encourage play (toys, costumes, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Crafts that use recycled materials readily available to kids today
  • Please send a photo or sample of the craft with your submission.

One-Page Activities, up to 275 words, Linda Rose, Associate Editor

We are in need of a wide variety of games and activities. You may query first or submit the full article on spec.

Of particular need at this time:

  • A collection of a few indoor or outdoor games for one to four kids, particularly games with physical activity, creativity, or humor (ex., “How to Have a Great Rainy Day,” “Get Out! Three New Games to Play Outdoors,” “Laugh in Line—Three Games to Play Anywhere, While You Wait”)
  • Sets of body-teaser challenges (ex: "With your heels against the wall, can you bend forward and pick up a quarter in front of your toes?")
  • How-to activities or tips (ex., a breakdown of a skill in sports, a card or magic trick, tips on telling jokes or cartooning, memory devices to use while studying, fresh tips on speed-cleaning your room)
  • Crafts with multiple steps (such as making dried-apple people) or with several variations (ex., “12 things you can make from a glove”)
  • All articles should have a clear focus and relevance to kids. We prefer activities that do not require adult supervision or materials kids aren't likely to have handy. We suggest testing your activities with kids, without giving them guidance, to see if your instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Puzzles, Games, Recipes, and Activities, Linda Rose, Associate Editor

  • We need logic puzzles, visual puzzles, math puzzles, word fun, and fresh puzzle ideas we haven’t even thought of—but nothing that requires writing in the book.

Puzzles that lend themselves to strong visuals are a big plus! See our "Picture Puzzler" page in each issue for examples.

Nonfiction for Beginning Readers (Ages 4 to 8), up to 500 words, Debra Hess, Senior Editor

  • Highlights is currently seeking nonfiction submissions for our younger readers that provide a window into the religious and cultural diversity of America.
  • We are also currently seeking articles that focus on animals and their habitats.
  • Please include a bibliography and an expert review with all nonfiction articles.

Gallant Kids, up to 400 words, Debra Hess, Senior Editor

  • Highlights is currently seeking Gallant Kids articles that feature boys.
  • Gallant Kids articles spotlight children who embody the concept of "be your best self."
  • "Gallant Kids" are children who, through self-motivation, have taken actions to make the world a better place. While large-scale work is worthy and impressive, it is important to remember that small acts of kindness can make a large impact.
  • Please submit the following with your manuscript: a written transcript of the interview with the Gallant Kid, a written transcript of an interview with an adult who witnessed the actions of the child (preferably not a parent), photos, and photo-permission forms.

Science, 800 words (two-page features), 400 words (one-page features), 50 words (activities), Andy Boyles, Science Editor

  • Features about kids involved in science
  • Scientists studying high-interest animals in their natural habitats
  • Short, quick, easy, fun science activities

History and World Cultures, up to 800 words, Carolyn Yoder, Senior Editor

  • World-cultures pieces – intimate snapshots of life in another country
  • US History – patriotic pieces, presidential pieces, holiday pieces, quirky histories, multicultural pieces within the U.S. (immigrant stories)
  • World History – quirky histories