Company Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child submit art, poetry, and stories to Highlights?
Every month, we publish readers’ work in Highlights magazine. If your child would like to send us something to be considered for publication, we’d love to see it! Here are the guidelines.
I am a teacher, and my class has worked together to write a poem. Can we submit it to be considered for publication in Highlights?
Unfortunately, we do not publish poems written by groups of children. One reason for this is that we want to credit every child for his or her contribution on Your Own Pages, and it would take up too much space on the page. If your students would like to submit any of their own individual work, we would be happy to consider it for possible publication.
My child has sent his or her creative work to Highlights. Will it be published? If so, when?
Within a few weeks, your child will receive a letter from us. In that letter, we’ll thank the child, encourage him or her to continue being creative, and explain how we select work for Your Own Pages. Luck has a lot to do with whose work is published! If your child’s work is selected for publication, it will appear in Highlights about a year after the child sent it. At that time, we’ll send the child two complimentary copies of the issue, whether or not the child is a subscriber.
I’d like to submit a manuscript or art samples to Highlights. Where can I find guidelines for authors and illustrators?
How much are old issues of Highlights magazine worth?
Check and to get a good indication of current value. Please consider donating your old issues of Highlights to a classroom, reception room or senior center. If you would like to donate your pre-1990 issues to our Highlights archives, we would be happy to accept them. Please contact Pat Mikelson, Archivist, at Highlights does not pay for old issues; however, we may reimburse the cost of shipping. These archive issues are used for research.
My childhood contribution was published in Highlights. Is it possible to find it again?
Please send a message to customer service. If you’re looking for your childhood contribution, provide your childhood first and last name, the kind of contribution (drawing, poem, etc.), and the approximate date you believe it was published in Highlights. Although many children submitted letters, drawings, and poems to Highlights, we are able to identify only those who actually had content published in the magazine.
I remember a poem, story or feature that appeared in Highlights. Is there a way to find it again?
Please e-mail customer service. Sometimes we are able to find an old article or feature if you are able to provide an approximate date and details about the subject matter or the author.
Can I buy old issues of Highlights magazine?
To purchase back issues from the past two years, please contact customer service. The cost per copy is $4.95. To inquire about older issues, please contact Pat Mikelson at
I am conducting a research project, and I am interested in using Highlights as a resource. How can I find the information I need?
Our historical archives have been donated to Ohio State University Special Book collections. Please contact Jose Diaz, OSU archivist, for access to these archives. They are available for research only. For general history questions about Highlights for Children, please contact Pat Mikelson, Highlights Archivist and Historian.